who are we?

Mulai Lagi is a not-for-financial-profit, community building endeavour. We aim to help facilitate the individual's own deep healing process by working with the tools of transformative medicine to help raise consciousness and move through fear & victim paradigms into a space of self-responsibility. A new beginning. This healing and awakening happens on many levels, directly & indirectly to the self and rippling through the community.


We are a small group of dynamic individuals with backgrounds in herbal & shamanic medicine, sustainable plant propagation, and drug harm reduction, working as volunteers at Mulai Lagi. We focus our efforts through utilising the tools of mind-expanding plant medicine, focusing primarily but not solely on creating a relationship with iboga and other powerful plant & fungi allies.


We are creating a working & sustainable alternative for addiction treatment for the Australasian and global community to access, with an emphasis on long term healing. All profits of Mulai Lagi are for the purposes of creating and supporting sustainable community based endeavours and renewable iboga plantations.

our vision

We are creating permanent living & healing spaces to facilitate entheogenic plant ally relationships as well as other adjunct therapies for preparation and integration work. From here we will be able to expand our addictive treatment options to allow for buprenorphine, methadone and alcohol addictions, as these substances require extended detoxifications before the iboga can be used due to long half lives and interactions. This space will be mostly self sustainable, growing it's own organic food by harnessing permaculture techniques to best utilise the power of nature. 


Most importantly, we have a responsibility to replenish the iboga supply by growing this plant in sustainable iboga farms. As the shrub grows naturally in West-Africa, in tropical, humid environments, this makes Indonesia the perfect location to propagate iboga. The medicine is harvested from the root bark, which means the plant will be destroyed when harvested. Iboga needs at least 5-8 years to mature and optimise alkaloid content, as it is a slow growing plant. With this pressure in mind, it is our primary focus to create sustainable iboga plantations at this facility, so as to secure the future of this plant, and keep the medicine accessible to the community. This is an integral & necessary part of our vision & work.

meet the team

Tim Williams

a Permaculture Designer, Visionary, Humanitarian, Herbalist, and Entheobotanical Custodian, Propagator & Enthusiast. Has been working in the field of plant medicines for almost a decade, is a survivor of multiple heavy drug dependancies, and is a keen advocate for Iboga therapies, particularly for addiction interruption. Co-founder & facilitator at Mulai Lagi and Founder & Principal Participant at the FreeEarth Foundation.

Rachel Gagen

A Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Space Facilitator, Harm Reduction worker & Musician. Has a background in growing, preparing and offering traditional, herbal & shamanic medicines, facilitating health & detox retreats, utilising sound for integration, and working in harm reduction & substance education. Passionate about the therapeutic use of entheogenics & psychoactives. Co-founder & facilitator at Mulai Lagi Iboga and Entheo-Botanica. 

The FreeEarth Foundation, is an Australian-based humanitarian, community service, non-government, non-profit, charitable organisation. Mulai Lagi works in harmony with and in support of the FreeEarth Foundation, following its key principle;

'terra nullius redux, return to the land belonging to no-one'.

The FreeEarth Foundation works to transmute the power of money into real commodity, our common heritage, the Earth, our native birthright. This land will be used as a communal resource for long term healing, growth and relationship, inspired by permaculture principles and utilised as a place for local communities to live and use for their own and the environment's sustenance and abundance.


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