[20g root bark]


"I was about 6 months into my last of a series of opiate addictions. This time it was with opium. A couple of nights before, I attempted to jump off my dose without the iboga as I was a little bit apprehensive about going through with the iboga experience. The withdrawals I experienced were strangely among the worst I have ever experienced in my life! Much worse than the heroin withdrawals I experienced back in the day and much worse than when I came off methadone about 5 years ago! I realised at this point how deep I was in the dependence and knew I had limited choices as to how I was going to play this. 1 choice was to suffer through the withdrawals (which I did not see as an option as I felt I was not up for it at all!). 2 was to continue taking opium every day and be a life long addict, or 3 was to take the iboga which I had been reading about for several years now and had a fair idea would save me from my situation! Choices 1 and 2 seemed to me to be no choices at all so that night (about 8 hours or so after my last opium dose) I took the iboga tincture my friend had prepared for me.


I was already feeling the initial onset of withdrawals when I took the iboga and lay down to surrender to the experience. The tincture tasted awful but I gulped it down fairly easily, about 2 shots worth of liquid. The first effect I noted was a warm glow through my body and the opium withdrawals dissipating. Then I felt intense rushes of euphoria through my body like I have never experienced before! I felt extremely stimulated but also extremely sedated and relaxed at the same time, definitely not an unpleasant sensation!

During the experience I remained laying down with my eyes closed as I could not really do anything else! To open my eyes caused me great dizziness and nausea, so I stayed perfectly still and just went with what I was experiencing within. As time passed on I drifted deeper and deeper into a dreamy state, I had visions of 'digital' styled creatures that showed me on computer screens in my mind how particular thoughts and judgments had let me to particular (and self destructive) behavior. The 'creatures' wouldn’t allow me to dwell on any particular thought, they hurried me through a myriad of things always moving onto the next relevant vision. This process reminded me of a computer de-fragging process. If I understood what was being revealed to me I would be shown an emoticon smiley face and likewise if I did not understand or was trying to dwell on a particular thought or subject, I would be shown a sad face! I laughed in amusement at this process.


This went on for some hours and by the time dawn arrived it was over and I was able to sit up and eat some food. I remained unable to focus my eyes or walk properly throughout the day though and that night I couldn’t sleep at all, although I felt a great sense of peace and relief. To my amazement there was still no withdrawals at all and I was so relieved that I just kept laughing out loud! The next day, approximately 36 hours after taking the iboga I was finally able to sleep and slept for about 12 hours! The next day after that I embarked on a 6 hour bush walk through the mountains to begin a 5 day camping trip in the bush! I felt so relieved and renewed and full of energy, something I hadn’t felt for a long time!"


~ Grateful

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