Your investment covers a complete, holistic retreat with attention to safety, sustainability, and authenticity. Your confirmation will depend upon meeting our eligibility requirements, based upon the Manual for Ibogaine Therapy by Howard Lotsof, and Clinical Guidelines by GITA. We are currently offering 3 night & 6 night retreats; which one will be more appropriate for you will depend upon your personal circumstances.


As we are operating as a volunteer based not-for-financial-profit foundation, our costs are kept as low as possible, without compromising on safety or efficacy. For these reasons our prices are subject to change based on the size of a group, and other factors. We also offer personalised retreats.


At this point full payment is required. In the future however, part work exchange, part payment plans can be arranged for those unable to raise the full investment and options for sliding scale investments. We believe that health care should be accessible to the whole community.


We also have a sponsorship program available, as part of our social responsibilities. Essentially 10% of each paying participant will go towards funding a sponsored participant.

what's included?

- preparatory guidance & support via phone/email

- pre-treatment herbal package via post

- Denpassar airport/Ubud hotel pickup & drop off

- accommodation in a curtained off bed in a shared room

- organic (as possible) food

- individualised therapeutic plan

- nurse & medical equipment for up to first 24 hours of treatment

- monitoring, 1st aid staff & defibrillator on site at all times

- integration & grounding activities post treatment

- formulised after(self)care addiction plan

follow up email check ins

3 night-4 day retreat : from $2800 (AUD)

6 night-7 day retreat : from $4800 (AUD)


To make this experience available to all aspects of society, we pledge to fund the treatment of 1 individual for every 10 self-funded participants. Therefore, approximately 10% of every participant's investment is dedicated to support and fund the treatment of another, who isn't in a position to financially invest in their own healing journey. We consider this a part of our social-responsibilities. 


The application process involves both written & video application aspects. Selection is completely at the discretion of Mulai Lagi. Please note that the sponsorship does not include flights/visas, and applicants will be required to fund & pass all of the required eligibility criteria themselves.


This opportunity is for dedicated individuals with initiative, motivation and honesty.


We are currently not taking sponsorship applications. Check back here in the future for sponsorship opportunities.

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