[3 months post-iboga]

“I feel that life has in general continued to move in an upward and positive direction. I am certainly not suffering at the hands of overthinking and living in the past anymore. While there are certainly everyday challenges to manage and evaluate, I feel that I am still in such a better place with more tools and strategies to keep things in perspective.

I have not noticed any negative impacts.

I am still feeling very positive and good about life. I make a point to find the beauty in all things where I can. I am also taking a few more chances in making some deeper connections to others in my life. This is encouraging. I certainly feel more self love, belief and confidence in who I am and where I am in life. This has been an important trend that has taken place since my work with the plant in November and then again in December with you.

I haven't been taking any medications. I did start taking Niacin supplements after reading about the potential benefits in terms of activity levels and fending off depression. So I have been experimenting with taking it for week and then off for a week to see how it impacts me.

I slipped into a bit of smoking in March, but my body rejected the substance despite my mind's efforts to talk me into using again. I have since stopped and have been more resilient in resisting the urges. I am still planning to work with the plant again in the future and continue the healing and personal growth. I feel that regular boosters and experiences will further me along the path and continue the work to be done.”


~ Manta ray

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