[33g root bark equivalent]


I had been deeply involved with addictions for two thirds of my life (21 years in total) and at the age of 35 I found myself quite disconnected with the world with a sense of not belonging in any walk of life. Over this period I had tried countless methods to overcome this way of life, including self rehabilitation, opiate substitutes, opiate blocking implants, not to mention moving from country to country to escape the life I was living. Nothing seemed to work and I was beginning to give up all hope, that is until I discovered the Iboga and the power of its healing properties.

I attended the retreat with Tim and Rachel last September and was immediately blown away by the effect that the medicine had on me. It turned out that was just a drop in the ocean compared to the magic it has weaved inside me in the 6 months following. Since returning from Bali, besides never having a single craving or so much as a thought for the things that had such a hold on me for the previous two decades, I have also found a new job, created a home for me and my partner and we are now expecting our first child. The list grows and the power of the medicine continues to work.


Without doubt the greatest thing I have ever done and would highly recommend to anyone searching for "A New Beginning".


~ new beginnings

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