We offer a wholesome, restorative option for people to address their health, addictions and mental states with herbal medicine on retreats in Bali, Indonesia. This may address a whole range of emotional, mental and physical addictions and unhealthy programming directly and indirectly, helping to bring light to unconscious behaviours and deep rooted programming.


We can offer no guarantee that your intention will be met, so please keep an open mind, and be aware that your expectations are not our responsibility. This medicine holds great healing potential, and works with what you give it. This may not address your intention directly, but will support you on your healing journey none the less, We will do our best to help you move in the direction of healing and greater health & happiness through this experience. Healing is a continual journey, a series of choices and challenges, and life is a process.


- interruption/cessation of addiction

- eradication/lessening of withdrawal symptoms

- detoxification of the mind & body

- repairing the damage of long term substance abuse 

- regaining control over one's life

- perspective into the deeper roots of the addiction



- childhood trauma

- grief

- learning forgiveness & peace

- unprocessed or repressed memories & experiences

- facing fears & phobias

- bringing the subconscious to the conscious

- perspective into one's deeper programs & thought patterns


- hormonal & adrenal imbalances

- virus'

- mental & physical defragmentation & reset

- regrowing brain cells

- releasing energetic blockages

- personal & spiritual development

- remembering one's purpose & place in the universe

- letting go of what stands in the way of one's true ability

- ancestral connection & healing

the venue

The space is a private, safe, peaceful and nurturing space, being located just outside of Ubud, a healing hub in Bali, Indonesia, about 1 hour drive from Denpassar international airport. The venue has 3 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, balconies with beautiful views over the surrounding rice fields, and lush tropical garden surrounds. Participants will have a curtained off bed, in a shared room. Within the complex there is space for quite reflection, relaxation, or socialising in the communal area. The retreats are fully catered with food will support the body and process; vegetarian, organic, light, fresh, nourishing, and free from GMOs, gluten, & heavy or oily foods that put stress on the liver & body.

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