[2 weeks post-iboga]

"I found Tim and Rachel of Mulai Lagi to be exceptional Iboga facilitators, and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering a journey with this tremendously powerful and beneficial plant medicine.


To begin with, their own personal preparation, and their guidance of my own, was outstanding—all of this via email correspondence. Then, upon meeting them, I was immediately struck by their maturity, their presence, and their soulfulness, and later equally impressed by their knowledge, protocol, and the quality of the retreat they created for myself and the other participants.


What all this adds up to is that I felt safe, well-cared for, and fully supported throughout the process. The importance of these qualities cannot be overstated, considering the nature of the medicine and all that partaking of it can and often does involve.


As for the Iboga itself, what an incredible gift I experienced it to be, cleansing, healing, and comforting me as it realigned me with who and what I truly am—my soul. I will forever be grateful for what it showed me, and how it helped me. In fact, although I don’t feel it is ‘necessary’, I am already looking forward to my next session with Mulai Lagi when the time is right."


~ Soul warrior

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